Our core business activities include all aspects of revegetation, native seed collection and supply, natural area management, environmental consulting, weed control and hydromulching and hydroseeding across a broad range of sectors.

Our work spans the full project lifecycle from consulting and planning, through to site-based implementation involving ‘boots on the ground’ works, as well as ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting.


Our experienced and professional team works closely with our clients to design, develop and implement cost-effective methodologies and solutions, built through hands-on practical experience, to deliver best practice environmental outcomes for our clients to meet their natural resource management objectives and regulatory requirements. 

Works involving the re-establishment and reinstatement of native vegetation in disturbed or degraded areas. Activities include provenance/targeted native seed recovery and supply, minor earthworks and site preparation, direct seeding (by hand or mechanical means), planting of tubestock (seedlings) and ongoing weed control and vegetation maintenance.


Native Seed

Native seed recovery and supply is a principal trading activity for us and we maintain one of the largest native seed banks/stores in WA. Our trained and experienced team of seedsmen collect, process, store, pre-treat and supply native seeds from across WA, specialising in species endemic to the Swan Coastal Plain bioregion. 

Involves the collection, processing, storing and pre-treatment of native seed for use in landscaping and revegetation applications and plant propagation. 

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Natural Area Management

Works related primarily to vegetation management, such as weed control (chemical, manual and mechanical), pest control, fencing and vegetation brush-cutting, pruning and slashing. Includes agricultural, forestry, conservation areas, parks, remnant bushland areas and environmental offset sites.

Includes minor earthworks and removal of vegetation for infrastructure and land development, as well as ground-preparation works for revegetation. Often involves the use of plant and equipment such as bulldozers for clearing vegetation, and skid-steers for minor earthworks (including erosion repair and control and spreading of topsoil and mulch). 

Bushland, Remnant bushland, Natural area management, Environmental offset, Revegetation

Environmental Consulting

GHEMS has accumulated significant knowledge & understanding of the flora & vegetation systems across WA's diverse regions. This knowledge means we develop and implement environmental management plans that are both practical and achievable while ensuring environmental values are retained. We provide a range of environmental monitoring and reporting, from baseline flora and vegetation surveys to vegetation condition assessment as well as performance monitoring of revegetation against completion criteria.  

We provide advice, consultation and assist in the development of revegetation and rehabilitation plans, with a strong understanding of the native seed and plant mix composition best suited to the site characteristics and environment.



Weed Control

Competition from weed species is a major cause in the failure of revegetation projects and failure to control weeds when undertaking revegetation work can lead to numerous problems including higher ongoing maintenance costs. 

GHEMS maintains a full range of weed spraying equipment and our fully licensed and trained staff are capable of conducting weed control programs as part of site preparation and maintenance works. The company boasts a good knowledge of weed species and treatments based on site conditions and species present and can design and implement a comprehensive weed management plan including manual control methods, as well as chemical control methods. 

Pest Control Licence 1320