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Our experienced and professional team works closely with our clients to design, develop and implement cost-effective methodologies and solutions, built through hands-on practical experience, to deliver best practice environmental outcomes for our clients to meet their natural resource management objectives and regulatory requirements. 

We provide the full suite of revegetation works ranging from provenance/targeted native seed collection, processing, storage, supply and pre-treatments, to ground/site preparation, erosion control and soil stabilisation, seeding, planting (tubestock and mature stock), and weed control.  

We have experience in using a number of revegetation methods, techniques, equipment and machinery appropriate for site specific conditions. A key point of difference is our ability to offer technical advice on native seed and plant species mixes and ground-preparation requirements best suited to site specific conditions in order to achieve completion criteria and successful revegetation.

Our revegetation expertise includes: 

  • Agroforestry (shelter belt planting)

  • Carbon farming, reforestation, and regeneration

  • Contract planting (tubestock seedlings, advanced/mature trees

  • Direct seeding (hand sowing; manual broadcasting; mechanical seeding and hydroseeding)

  • Ecological restoration and rehabilitation

  • Environmental offsets planting

  • Erosion control

  • Mine closure and rehabilitation

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