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Acciona Trility JV (ATJV)

Perth Metro


Mundaring Water Treatment Plant

GHEMS began revegetation and landscaping works at the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant site in 2011.  The objective of the landscaping works was to integrate the new water treatment plant into the surrounding landscape and provide screening of the infrastructure from surrounding roadways and natural areas.


Over 28,000 tubestock, 8,500 140mm pots, and 500 advanced tree species were installed.  GHEMS also installed irrigation, collected and direct spread native seed, and relocated and transplanted 40 grass trees (Xanthorrhoea preissii) on site.


Tubestock for this project were specifically propagated from seed which had been collected from within a 20km radius of the new treatment plant to integrate the vegetation with the surrounding natural areas.


Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and weed management has been continued by GHEMS. 

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