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CPB Contractors Pty Ltd

Perth Metro


Mitchell Freeway - Burns Beach Rd-Hester Ave

GHEMS completed the revegetation and landscaping works for the MFE Project. The project is currently in the maintenance phase, with GHEMS undertaking extensive weed spraying, infill planting and monitoring and reporting activities.


The project has been particularly challenging due to the poor quality mulch (Organic Soil Conditioner (OSC)) utilised in areas of the site. 

Initial works included-

  • Supply and install of 300,000 tubestock

  • Supply and direct seeding of 120kg of native seed

  • Supply and install of 1000 mature trees

  • Establishment of onsite nursery holding yard handling deliveries of up to 50,000 weekly


Further maintenance consisting of-

  • Infill planting of over 300,000 tubestock

  • Supply and direct seeding of 170kg of native seed

  • Weed control of over 60ha of vegetation

  • Pest control

  • Mulching

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