Gateway WA

The Gateway Project for WA is the largest road project undertaken by Main Roads in WA. The project has been jointly funded by both federal and state governments with a budget of over one billion dollars.  GHEMS revegetation environmental was engaged by Gateway WA to undertake revegetation and direct seeding along the widened road corridors and specific areas disturbed by the construction.


Gateway WA’s 2016 plant and seed installation works took place in the winter window of June and July.

2016 works included the planting and installation of:

  • 490,000 tubestock

  • 2,500 advanced trees

  • Direct seeding over 100kg of native seed aiding in the rehabilitation of 25 hectares

  • Supply of a portion of the native seed mix

  • Weed control works throughout the landscaped sites.

This work continued on from the 2015 works over the period of 6 months from May to October 2015 where the GHEMS team of revegetation specialists delivered numerous activities including:

  • The development of a batching program for supply of plants and products

  • Implementing client specific QA/QC procedures

  • The installation of over 2,600 potted trees

  • The installation 700,000 tubestock plants

  • Storage and hygiene control of seed mixes

  • Direct seeding of approximately 120,000 square meters with over 50kg of native seed.

The combined efforts of a highly skilled and experienced GHEMS team continuously monitored our performance against the strict HESQ requirements of Gateway WA and we are still dedicated to exceeding compliance requirements throughout the delivery of all projects. 

Statistics on the project include:

  • 1,190,000+ of tubestock planted

  • 5,000 advanced tree stock planted, staked and tied - 

    • 750+ of 5 Litre pots

    • 1,500+ of 18 Litre pots

    • 1,200+ of 35 Litre pots

    • 1500+ of 45 Litre pots

    • 75+ of 100 Litre pots 

  • 30ha of direct seeding with over 150kg of native seed

  • Weed management of a total area exceeding 100ha.

GHEMS Revegetation Environmental successfully concluded its operations on this project in January of 2017.

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