Esperance Port Access Corridor

In 2014 GHEMS was awarded the contract to conduct the landscape revegetation works on the Esperance Port Access Corridor (EPAC) by the construction company John Holland. The EPAC project involved the realignment of 1.8km of road leading to the port as well as the diversion of 1.3km of existing railway. John Holland was awarded the construction contract for the project which makes the company one of Western Australia’s largest deliveries of public infrastructure. The landscape revegetation works were the final component of the EPAC project and required a collaborative effort by GHEMS staff and John Holland’s Safety, Quality and Environment Coordinator to complete these works in the tight time-frame given to reach completion of the construction project. 


Eight of GHEMS staff travelled down to Esperance to undertake the works. Over 13 days the crew planted over 55 000 seedlings native to the Esperance area as well as applying seed to over 7 hectares.  Through detailed management and exceptional hard work GHEMS has completed the project to the highest standard and have now moved onto the maintenance phase of the project.


Recently GHEMS revisited the sites to revisit the site and conduct the winter maintenance program.  There has been approximately  585mm of rain over the past 12 months since planting and seeding occured, and the results to date we have seen on the ground are very encouraging.


The winter program consisted of limited amounts of plant and seed infill, and a significant amount of weed control.  Weeds and seeds blown along this major truck corridor or transported by the birds and pigeons along the roadside require constant vigilence and management by our weed management team.  Over the next 3 years GHEMS will continue to manage and maintain the site through weed control and infill planting works.  

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