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City of Rockingham

Perth Metro


GHEMS revegetation environmental (GHEMS) was contracted by City of Rockingham (CoR) to undertake revegetation and site maintenance services of the remnant native bushland area located in the Baldivis District Sporting Complex (BDSC).


The scope of work (SoW) involved revegetation and rehabilitation of the remnant bushland area and included planting of tubestock and site maintenance activities such as weed control, litter removal and minor fence repairs.

Initial tubestock install works were undertaken in August 2020, with 15,040 seedlings supplied by the CoR planted.

The scope of works required "innovative methods to increase the survival rate for seedlings planted" and in addition to the normal practice where each seedling was planted with one 10 g native fertiliser tablet, seedlings were soaked in a water and ‘Seasol’ solution prior to planting and then watered in with approximately 2 L of the water and Seasol solution.

Baldivis District Sporting Complex

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