Revegetation Services

Industry-leading technology combined with a variety of innovative processes guarantee that GHEMS can provide you with not only the solution to obtaining materials, but applying them to the most difficult or sensitive terrain.


GHEMS extensive knowledge and experience - gained from decades of diverse projects throughout Western Australia and internationally - will provide you with the most suitable, professional and cost effective solution for your revegetation project.

Erosion Control

As well as our Hydromulching capabilities GHEMS Revegetation Environmental is capable of performing storage, handling and transportation of mulch.

We also have extensive experience with many techniques for erosion control on batters such as the installation of jute matting, silt fencing, rock pitching and more. 

Environmental Weed Control

Managing weed infestation is one of the most important ways to ensure that plants germinate and flourish in both native and selective revegetation processes.


The significant capital expenditure associated with revegetation projects will be wasted without effective, ongoing weed control.

GHEMS experienced and licensed staff have the ability and expertise to identify and control a wide range of environmental weeds including legumes, annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf, bulbous and woody weeds.

Our fleet of specialised 4WD vehicles and all-terrain equipment in combination with backpacks and wick wipers can operate under wide-ranging site conditions.  These vehicles are easily capable of all-day operations because they incorporate remote control operation, all-day water storage and quick spray capability.


With over 30 years experience in providing resilient and self-sustaining vegetation, GHEMS can handle revegetation projects of any size, tailored to your requirements.  Our land care treatments enable you to realise project completion criteria and met regulatory obligations.

Our revegetation services include the supply and planting of tubestock, direct seeding and hydro-seeding. This can include site preparation and mulching, weed control plus ongoing monitoring, maintenance and reporting.

Tubestock: GHEMS field technicians will organise and batch your plants, supported by covered vehicles and trailers which safely transport and deliver your plants in a healthy condition.  GHEMS works with a large pool of accredited nurseries to procure a diverse range of tubestock.

Direct Seeding: Our services include:

• Species selection and seed mix composition
• Collection, treatment, supply and broadcast of native seed
• Provenance seed collection
• Dormancy breaking treatments

Hydro-Seeding: Using GHEMS Hydromulching treatments, our hydro-seeding process combines environmentally friendly biodegradable ingredients (e.g. organic manures, bark fibre and tackifiers) in an easy-to-apply mix which works in a timely and cost efficient manner.


With our modern Hydromulching equipment, we can promptly and professionally execute a wide range of projects from small dust suppression tasks to larger erosion control and revegetation projects. Our professional teams are experienced in terrain tracking and hydraulic spraying of mulch to control erosion in a diverse range of environments.

Native Seed Supply and Recovery

As a licensed seed collector, GHEMS Revegetation Environmental maintains one of the biggest native seed banks in Australia.


With and a proven track record of supplying some of Western Australia's biggest consumers of native seeds, GHEMS can meet all of your seed needs including local provenance seed requirements, dormancy breaking treatments and viability testing.


Our trained and experienced team of seed collectors recover, treat and supply native seeds from across Western Australia, specialising in species endemic to the Swan Coastal Plain.


GHEMS has a large seed processing and climate-controlled storage facility where the seed is monitored and maintained in a healthy state ready for use.


Such a high level of care and attention is vital to guarantee successful germination for your project.

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