PTA - Lakeside Rehabilitation at Burswood 

July and August of this year, GHEMS were given the opportunity by The Public Transport Authority to offset 2700m² of migratory bird habitat around the lakes located on the back 9 of Burswood’s old golf course.

This project was a result of the extension of Camfield drive along the Burswood foreshore to improve access to the new train station and stadium.

Although the area that had been disturbed during the extension of Camfield drive consisted of predominantly invasive weed species, it did provide nesting, feeding and loafing habitat for a variety of waterbirds such as:

  • The EPBC listed Migratory Caspian Tern and Eastern Great Egret

  • Common Sandpiper

  • Rainbow Bee eater


This habitat has historically provided an excellent area for avid birdwatching enthusiasts.

The project encompassed the clearing of turf, weed control, removal and stump grinding of large palm trees, importation of native mulch, construction of fauna friendly fencing and the planting of species native to the banks of the swan river.

Early to mid 20th century, the site where this project is located was a dumping ground for a variety of dangerous materials. This meant that a strict Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP) was to be put in place that controlled the importation and exportation of materials, the methodology of the works to be completed and the risk that these materials posed to the environment and people.

This CEMP was strictly adhered to and combined smoothly with the Health, Safety and Environmental Systems already in place at GHEMS.

Over the course of two months, GHEMS operations for this project were reliant on the weather conditions. The area previously being low lying swamp lands meant that the entire project site would become inundated during rain events. So all works were scheduled when there was a break in weather. These works included:

  • Over 14,500 seedlings planted in two days.

  • Removal of over 2000m2 of turf.

  • 100 advanced trees.

  • 120m³ of native mulch.

  • 400m of fencing.

  • Removal and stump grinding of 13 large Palm trees.

  • Weed management.

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