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During events held at the new Optus Stadium, transport and movement of the 60,000-strong crowd requires detailed planning. This has resulted in the construction of access roads for public transport, standing areas for buses and taxis as well as the construction of a high traffic path network throughout the grounds. At the beginning of this year, GHEMS were contracted by the Public Transport Authority to provide landscaping, revegetation and minor earthworks around these areas within the new Perth Stadium precinct in Burswood. These works were broken up into three projects:

  • Camfield Drive Extension Drainage

  • Burswood Bus Layover Facility

  • Windan Bridge Shared Paths


Camfield Drive Extension Drainage Project

The extension of Camfield Drive provides a drop off and pick up point for buses and taxis during Stadium events. January of this year, GHEMS began works on the road reserve, basins and drains along Camfield Drive and Roger Mackay Drive. These works involved the revegetation of the area in the hottest months of the year without reticulation. This has proven very challenging along with the various design changes. Works are 90% complete and is looking very successful taking into consideration the constraints that have been encountered.

GHEMS have provided road shoulder, v-drain, basin and lake edge treatments as part of this project and have involved:

  • The boxing out of all road verges to 100mm below the kerb;

  • Installation of over 300m³ of native bark mulch;

  • 2000lm of bollards to eliminate access to Burswood Park grounds;

  • 1500m² of jute matting along the lake edges;

  • Installation of over 75,000 plants;

  • Weed management;

  • Reshaping of areas;

  • Implementation of an extensive watering programme;

  • Traffic management;

  • Installation of 100 mature trees;

  • Installation of 50 tonne of pea gravel into basins; 

  • Reticulation installation and repair; and

  • 1750m2 of roll on turf installation


GHEMS remaining schedule on this project involves:

  • Infill planting during the winter months;

  • Continued watering programme


Burswood Bus Layover Facility

The bus layover facility located on Victoria Park Drive provides a holding area for excess buses required to move the stadium crowd. The Bus Layover Facility landscape design required 6 species mixes all strategically planted in bands throughout the area. The plants were chosen based on provenance and root depth.


GHEMS completed the revegetation of this area in February which required:

  • 2,000m² of Jute matting;

  • 8,000 plants installed into the jute matting;

  • A further installation of 8,000 plants into the remaining landscaped areas;

  • Installation of 250m³ of native bark mulch;

  • Extensive watering programme; and

  • Weed management;


Although all the projects faced issues such as access, hot weather, steep sandy batters and contractor interference, this project is performing very well. GHEMS expect to return during the winter months to infill plant the area and spot spread mulch through areas that have continued to be disturbed.

Windan Bridge Shared Paths

The shared path network through the Windan area provides pedestrian and cycle access to the stadium from East Perth and the Belmont Racecourse. The existing path network has been improved with a re-design, lighting and access.  Currently 50% complete due to construction delays, GHEMS were restricted by access to the area. This meant a lot of planning to cart over 300m³ of native bark mulch to the treatment area was needed. Mulch was stockpiled in the old Belmont Racecourse carpark and moved along the PSP and minor tracks throughout the surrounding area. This required the use of 9 tonne 3-way tipper dump trucks and 6 tonne tipper trucks to ensure the mulch was moved within a day.  This project requires species to be planted in designated areas to tie in with the connecting landscaped garden beds. Construction of a compacted mulch fibre pathway is scheduled to begin in May.

The projects work so far have included:

  • Installation of 30,000 tubestock;

  • Extensive watering programme;

  • Installation of temporary fencing;

  • 300m³ of native bark mulch; and

  • Weed management.


The Bridge Shared Paths project has proven tricky due to the high pedestrian traffic encountered and long delays in the construction process. GHEMS are also anticipating to infill plant the area during the winter months to allow for the higher than normal plant mortality rate from planting during the hottest months of the year.

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