Project Management

Exceptional service and results makes GHEMS Revegetation Environmental a leading choice for international and local clients. Small, large or complex, GHEMS is well equipped to manage your project, from design and construction, through to final handover.


GHEMS understands the diverse needs of all types of projects, with past clients ranging in size from large civil contractors to local government departments.

GHEMS experience draws from a history of diverse cultural and geographical locations while applying the disciplines of timely and efficient outcomes.  We have successfully applied our services to diverse locations and conditions such as high altitude, extreme rainfall events, sensitive biodiversity and toxic soils.


Our extensive experience includes international projects where we tailor an action plan for our clients that incorporates our project management and best-practice discipline while remaining sensitive and responsive to cultural expectations.

Civil Works

GHEMS has extensive civil works experience, most notably our involvement with Gateway WA, one of our largest projects to date. 


Our knowledge encompasses vegetation offsets, linear corridors, the linking of remnant bush heritage sites and landscape amenity features.

Our expertise provides significant benefits to projects across the State, from the Perth metropolitan region to regional centres and isolated locations.

Our Project Management services include:

  •  Landscaping Design, Mapping and Planning

  •  Site Works Schedules (service and supply)

  •  Implementation of Works

  •  Seed Recovery

  •  Nursery Production

  •  Soil Surface Treatments

  •  Installation

  •  Practical completion

  •  Monitoring

  •  Maintenance

  •  Handover

Civil works
Civil works
Civil works
Civil works
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Civil works
Civil works
Civil works
Civil works
Land Development

GHEMS has significant experience in both urban and rural land development, participating in the explosive urban growth of our home city Perth.

We draw on experience gained from the planning processes required for developing this diverse landscape, stretching from the Swan Coastal Plain to the Darling Scarp.


GHEMS has also contributed to Western Australia's regional development, cooperating with local communities while helping to ensure successful land development outcomes.

Our services include:

  • Environmental Offsets: design, planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance reporting

  • Subdivision development: permitting, survey reporting, application assistance, revegetation modelling and mapping

  • Rural lots: design, catchment planning, management and revegetation mapping

Land Development
Seeded Hydromulch
Catchment and Waterways Management

GHEMS professionals provide innovative planning and management solutions to protect and maintain the health of water bodies.


Our Catchment and Waterways Management services include:

  • Waterways Assessments and Reporting.

  • Planning and Implementing Revegetation.

  • Salinity Control and Remediation

  • Greenbelt Dam Protection

  • Management of Nutrient Outputs

  • Surface Water Management

  • Sediment Control Devices

  • Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Mining Rehabilitation
Mining Rehabilitation
Mining Rehabilitation

GHEMS has significant experience in delivering specialised services to mining and extractive industries.


Our services start at the exploration phase and continue through permitting and feasibility studies to contaminated site rehabilitation and progressive mine closure.


Our project management services include:

  • Design, implement and maintain rehabilitation activities

  • Revegetation execution

  • Action planning and scheduling

  • Regulatory reporting

  • Management and supervision of subcontractors

  • Training and education

  • Stakeholder consultation


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