New Norcia Bypass Revegetation

In June 2017 GHEMS was contracted by Decmil to install the landscaping package associated with the New Norcia Bypass project located on Great Northern Highway in New Norcia. 

The New Norcia Bypass stretches for 6km to the east of the historic Benedictine community, and features a new bridge over the Moore River and a scenic lookout over the town.


The project involved the installation of 130,000 cells/tubestock consisting of native grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees. There was also another 3200 130mm feature trees installed in various locations throughout the site. 1ha of area was treated with native seed mix, consisting mainly of the old Great Northern Highway alignment which had been ripped up and scarified.

Weed control was conducted prior to the plant and seed installation and will continue for a period of 52 weeks, until the project is handed over to Main Roads. There will be infill planting conducted in June 2018 to help establish any failed areas from initial plantings. These areas will be assessed by scheduled monitoring and reporting in the 52 week establishment period. 

Scenic Lookout

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