The Koniambo Nickel Mine is a multi million dollar mine development in New Caledonia. GHEMS Revegetation Environmental has been the projects revegetation contractor since 2001 and is contracted by current owners Xstrata to oversee revegetation planning and implementation for the project.



Contracted to Koniambo since 2001 during planning and pre-feasibility operations, our services continued into the mines construction phase with GHEMS providing amongst other services, Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) and Execution Planning for the project.


Our services to the Koniambo Project include:

• The export of knowledge and advice on revegetation techniques

• Preparation of a Revegetation and Erosion Control Action Plan

• Supervision of revegetation works

• Training and up skilling of local personnel

• Hydromulching technology.

Much of the sites revegetation is on steep cut and fill slopes which require specialist expertise and innovative soft surface treatments to protect surfaces and minimise turbidity in water bodies to levels considered acceptable by the mines regulators.


The unique soils and environmental conditions present in the northern providence of New Caledonia required us to draw on all our skills in the prescription of surface treatments. The regions distinctive native flora requires proven methodologies for successful revegetation. Trialed sustainable and rapid revegetation techniques have been utilised using hydraulically applied seed and mulches (hydromulching), combined with physical surface trapping devices. Successful recruitment of natives is being achieved.


Relevant Components

In addition to revegetation and environmental services our company has also supplied equipment for the Koniambo project. ​​​​​​​​​​

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