Native Seed Collection and Supply

As a licensed seed collector, GHEMS Revegetation Environmental maintains one of the biggest native seed banks in Australia.


With a proven track record of supplying some of Western Australia's biggest consumers of native seeds, GHEMS can meet all of your seed needs including collection of local provenance seeds, drying, cleaning, storage, dormancy breaking treatments and viability testing.


Our trained and experienced team of seed collectors recover, treat and supply native seeds from across Western Australia, specialising in species endemic to the Swan Coastal Plain.


GHEMS has a large seed processing and climate-controlled storage facility where the seed is monitored and maintained in a healthy state ready for use.


Such a high level of care and attention is vital to guarantee successful germination for your project.

If you wish to buy seeds, please visit our Native Seeds page.

Banksia seed pods
Seed Collection
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Hakea pods
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Drying seed
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Packaged seed
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GHEMS is an accredited member of the Revegetation Industry Association of WA.

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