Mitchell Freeway Extension - Burns Beach - Hester Ave

The Mitchell Freeway Extension from Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue, a project undertaken by CPB (formerly Leightons) on behalf of Main Roads WA has provided GHEMS revegetation environmental with a unique opportunity.

 The GHEMS team of revegetation specialists have been able to showcase our expertise and knowledge of the Swan Coastal Plain, the vegetation types it encompasses and the habitat value it possesses for the abundance of flora and fauna found within.

In June 2016, GHEMS revegetation environmental was assigned the task of the native revegetation of all areas that were disturbed throughout the construction phase.  Over the four month period beginning in June, GHEMS successfully delivered :

  • Strict adherence to CPBs Health, Safety and Environment rules and regulations

  • Installation of over 300,000 cells, tubestock and advanced trees

  • The storage and hygiene control of seed mixes

  • The dispersal of over 120kg of native seed

  • Husbandry of the plant species before and during installation

  • Weed management.

GHEMS have continued integrated weed management throughout the dryer months in anticipation of the 2017 planting season. The remaining works will consist of:

  • The planting of over 80,000 cells, tubestock and advanced trees

  • The dispersal of the remaining 140kg of native seed

  • Continued weed management

  • Husbandry of the plant species.


Plant establishment and seed germination from the 2016 season has proven excellent, with many seedlings already flowering and producing seed themselves.

Tubestock planting
Completed batters
Feature trees
Working around construction
On-site nursery
Kangaroo paw flowering
Wanneroo Rd section
Augering of planting holes
Drainage mix
Large batters

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