Located in the coal rich Tanjung District of Kalimantan, Adaro is the largest single open cut coal pit in Indonesia.


GHEMS through its fully owned foreign subsidiary PT GHEMS Enviro, provided services for several stages of mine site rehabilitation across a total area of over 500ha.



We provided comprehensive revegetation contracting works addressing tasks

Across the board from new mine development to progressive mine closure.


Our services included:

• Revegetation

• Organic composting and mulch supply

• Quick surface protection (Hydromulching)

• Erosion and sediment control

• Green belt dam protection

• Training and development

• Development of agribusiness opportunities for the region


Key to our success was the selection of appropriate seeds and bioactive organic mulch material which is applied by hydro-mulching equipment across highly modified mine environments which are characterised by erosion prone and nutrient depleted soils.


Project management incorporated regular formal monitoring and reporting of the revegetation works.



Our innovative surface treatment operations saw:

  • topsoil and subsoil requirements reduced without compromising quality;

  • rapid surface protection and revegetation of green belt catchments;

  • arrested surface drainage;

  • minimised turbidity in dams and rivers; and

  • increased water quality.


Constant improvements and innovation are outcomes that are benefiting both the client and technology held by the GHEMS group.


Relevant Components

PT GHEMS Enviro was a fully equipped and locally run contracting operation with appropriate management systems in place. It employed over twenty trained local personnel and indirectly employs many more locals in the manufacture and supply of materials.

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