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GHEMS Revegetation Environmental provides a full spectrum of environmental and revegetation services from Project Management to Contracting and Consulting, from its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.


GHEMS has managed numerous major revegetation and other environmental projects with professionalism and a hands-on attitude.

As a Sustaining and Corporate member of the Environmental Consultants Association (WA), GHEMS follows the Association's Code of Conduct within defined service areas in order to provide the best management practices.

Our Staff

GHEMS is committed to training and developing our employee's skills and knowledge which is a key component in managing revegetation and environmental projects.


Company founder and managing director Greg Hill draws on decades of industry experience to recruit capable, permanent employees, and we continually upgrade their skills through ongoing professional development to maintain the highest standards of work and customer service. 


By focusing on ongoing training and development, our people develop their expertise whilst staying up to date with environmental methods and land care technology.


GHEMS global operations are performed by local people who are provided with the appropriate training and management system which enables them to conduct and maintain our unique land restoration techniques.


The importance of training and developing local staff for international and domestic projects has been a keystone of our business policy and is reflected in the success of GHEMS projects.

  • Employing local people where possible:

  • Provides an economic return to local communities.

  • Nurtures local support and community ownership of projects.

  • Provides local people with skills for further employment.

  • Involves and values local knowledge and skills.

Our Equipment

GHEMS Revegetation Environmental holds specialist plant, machinery and equipment for all aspects of our operations including:
  • Dust Surpression and Hydromulching;

  • Weed Management;

  • Revegetation; and

  • Landscape Design and implementation.

All GHEMS equipment are subject to daily pre-starts, logbooks and regular auditing/servicing by our mechanical engineer.  All personnel are adequately trained, licenced and/or ticketed before operation of all equipment. GHEMS OSH management systems are followed which includes individual Safe Operating Procedures for each item.

Our vehicles include:​

  • 4wd utes and small trucks

  • 4wd and 6wd hydromulching units

  • Excavators

  • Loaders

  • Posi-track

  • D3 ‘swampy’ Dozers

  • Tilt-tray 4x6 truck

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